Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has demanded the shutdown of a “Trump Free Speech Rally” scheduled for June 4 in his city.

According to The Associated Press, Wheeler has deemed the event inappropriate and potentially dangerous following the fatal stabbing of two men by an allegedly anti-Muslim man named Jeremy Christian on a train in Portland last week.

Taking to Twitter, Wheeler decried the June 4 rally as an alt-right affair, urging the federal government to “IMMEDIATELY REVOKE” the permit granted for it.

He also demanded the shutdown of a “March Against Sharia” scheduled for June 10.

Wheeler went on to describe the upcoming event with the terms “bigotry” and “hatred,” stating that neither have any place in Portland, especially following last week’s murders.

According to OPB.org…, the ACLU of Oregon has responded to Wheeler’s remarks with criticism.

“The government cannot revoke or deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators,” the organization reportedly wrote. “Period. If we allow the government to shut down speech for some, we all will pay the price down the line.”

As for the June 4 event Wheeler hopes to shut down, its Facebook page indicates it will feature Based Stickman, Based Spartan, Patriot Girl, Warriors For Freedom, “and many others in downtown Portland… one of the most liberal areas on the West Coast.”


Read more at: https://milo.yiannopoulos.net/2017/05/ted-wheeler-free-speech/

Sam Houston statue in Hermann Park causing controversy

HOUSTON – The starting point was a Facebook post by a group called Texas Antifa.

The post alleges the Sam Houston Memorial’s so-called demise will begin on June 10.

Why remove it?

Other posts by the group explain its stance.

“Texans agree the disgusting idols of America’s dark days of slavery must be removed to bring internal peace to our country.”

Another post reads:

“After we have this one removed, we can then work on getting the 67-foot Sam Houston statue outside of Huntsville turned into parking lot gravel, and the forest renamed.”

The statue at Hermann Park has stood at Montrose and Main streets since 1925.

Houston is credited for securing Texas’ independence from Mexico during the battle of San Jacinto in 1836.

He was president of Texas, a U.S. senator after Texas joined the United States and then became the state’s governor.

“Sam Houston is the father of Texas,” David Amad said.

Amad is vice president of Texas open carry.

He says the post has ruffled feathers within his organization and others.

He says as Texas Anifa plans to protest in favor of the statue’s removal, other organizations will be there calling for it to stay.

“They were the ones that proposed the initial protest to protest this statue and try to have it removed. Our event is to make sure they understand that one way or another that statue is not going anywhere,” Amad said.

By Brandon Walker – Reporter




Doug Casey On The Plague Of Cultural Marxists

Authored by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com…,

Nick Giambruno: What exactly are Cultural Marxists, and how are they, and political correctness, contributing to the decline of Western Civilization?

Doug Casey: Economic Marxism was intellectually debunked decades ago. With the collapse of the USSR, and radical changes in China, the man in the street became aware that the “intellectuals” were fools. And that is reinforced by the ongoing disasters in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. So, since they recognize that there’s nothing to steal if they implement Marxian economic policies, most “intellectuals” no longer talk about them.

Cultural Marxism, however, is just as destructive. It divides people not into economic classes, but cultural classes. You’re no longer an individual—you’re part of a gender, or a race, or some other group. Undoubtedly one being discriminated against by white males who—not just coincidentally—are largely responsible for Western Civilization.

I despise the wave of “politically correct” thought that’s washed over the world like a tidal wave of raw sewage. I remember when I first heard the term used. I believe it was on Saturday Night Live in the early 80’s. At the time I thought it was a joke…

A word Cultural Marxists use a lot lately is diversity. “We’ve got to have diversity.” No, we don’t have to have diversity. There’s zero logical or moral reason why every room should have a quota of blacks, Hispanics, LGBT’s, women, or whatever. It’s extremely stupid to have people qualify for something based upon accidental characteristics. It encourages them to view themselves not as individuals, but members of a group. So it actually foments class warfare.

I occasionally like to go to a men’s club. It’s odd that men are never invited to ladies’ functions – and I don’t care. Everyone should associate with whomever they like. People who use the State to impose their opinions on others, or approve of it, are essentially criminal personalities. I avoid them at all costs.

In fact, birds of a feather usually flock together. This is perfectly natural. You don’t need diversity; it’s not a necessarily positive value, it’s a neutral preference. If you want it in your club, fine. But freedom of association is far, far more important.

I form my friendships based upon neither diversity nor a lack of diversity, although there’s a natural, genetically based tendency to associate with people like yourself. I form my friendships based upon the character and the beliefs that a person has. The attributes that create diversity are stupid accidentals. The fact that diversity is emphasized draws attention to incidentals like race, sex, and gender, and diverts it from important things like character and beliefs. Diversity has become destructive. Cultural Marxists love “diversity” because, in fact, they actually hate people. And themselves. They want to cause conflicts that work to destroy Western Civilization—which they also hate.

Nick Giambruno: How does the migrant crisis in Europe relate to all of this?

Doug Casey: First, let me say that I’m all for immigration and completely open borders to enable opportunity seekers from anyplace to move anyplace else. With two big, critically important, caveats: 1) there can be no welfare or free government services, so everyone has to pay his own way, and no freeloaders are attracted 2) all property is privately owned, to minimize the possibility of squatter camps full of beggars.

In the absence of welfare benefits, immigrants are usually the best of people because you get mobile, aggressive, and opportunity-seeking people that want to leave a dead old culture for a vibrant new one. The millions of immigrants who came to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries had zero in the way of state support.

But what is going on in Europe today is entirely different. The migrants coming to Europe aren’t being attracted by opportunity in the new land so much as the welfare benefits and the soft life. When they arrive, they expect free food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment—totally unlike past immigrants. For the most part they are unskilled and poorly educated. And 99% of them will stay that way, because it takes generations to change cultural attitudes. Few of them will ever become self-supporting.

What we’re talking about here is the migration of millions of people of different language, different race, different religion, different culture, different mode of living. If you’re an alien and you’re 1 out of 10,000, or 1,000, or 100, you’re a curiosity, an interesting outsider. But an influx of millions of migrants is only going to destroy the old culture, and guarantee antagonism—especially when the locals have to pay for it. In many ways, what’s happening now isn’t just comparable to what happened 2,000 years ago with the migration of barbarians into the Roman Empire. It’s potentially much more serious.

Nick Giambruno: What’s the welfare state’s role in all this?

Doug Casey: The State now pays for food, housing, schooling, and even cell phones for the “disadvantaged.” The next step will likely be some type of guaranteed income. All these things only serve to relieve the “disadvantaged” of personal responsibility for their own lives, which acts to cement them to the bottom of society—while slowly bankrupting the country as a whole.

The welfare state must be abolished, pulled out by its roots, and debunked intellectually and psychologically. If you want to help a deserving individual on your own, great. But to make it part of the State is idiotic—except, of course, for politicians that need votes.

Nick Giambruno: I recently read an article by arch-neocon Charles Krauthammer. He claimed that the failure of the US to more forcefully interfere in Syria is an indication of the West’s decline. What’s your take?

Doug Casey: I despise Krauthammer, and his ilk. But, that said, I believe he dislikes me much more than I do him. He’s one of those creatures who thrive within the swamp circled by the Washington Beltway. His prescriptions are almost universally wrong-headed. Which is to be expected from a neocon, a fan of both the warfare state and the welfare state.

I’ve debated Charles on three separate occasions. He has a high IQ, but his ideas are quite stupid—if we define stupidity as an unwitting tendency to self-destruction. I recently discovered that he is also a leading bioethicist—which I didn’t know when I did an essay on that pernicious group of busybodies.

Nick Giambruno: Webster’s defines bioethics as “a discipline dealing with the ethical implications of biological research and applications especially in medicine.” What’s so pernicious about that?

Doug Casey: Bioethics is a phony science, recently concocted by people working for pharmaceutical companies, governments, and medical institutions looking for excuses to justify what they have already decided to do.

A bioethicist is someone who’s supposed to determine the right and wrong of these things. I consider them self-appointed censors pandering to dimwits apparently incapable of thinking out psychological/ethical/economic dilemmas on their own.

That’s dangerous enough, but these are not just fools sowing confusion, they are mostly of a particular mindset—that is to say, they are a bunch of collectivists and statists—who pretend to be objective. Worse, they espouse policies with wide-reaching implications, almost universally wrong-headed and disastrous, which are a reeking part of the rotting fabric of what was once American society.

But what really gets me about these bioethicists is that they are not technical experts contributing to debates among scientists—they’re just a bunch of busybodies who want to tell everyone else what to do, based on their own opinions of morality and notions of political correctness. This is especially dangerous, because people make decisions and act based on their ideas of what is right and wrong—on moral grounds. By setting themselves up as the great determiners of what is ethically correct, these supposed experts become a sort of new secular priesthood to guide us all. They’re worse than run-of-the-mill busybodies, however; they want to play the role of Gríma Wormtongue in counseling rulers. They are generally sociopaths who want us to accept their statist, collectivist ethics, and thereby exert control over the direction of society, taking it down paths they deem best.

These so-called ethical experts insinuate themselves into the bureaucratic machinery of the State, into the flow of intellectual and academic debate, into the course material taught at universities, and they exert influence.

It’s especially dangerous because when people read about a consensus of Ph.D.s agreeing that X or Y is ethical, they may be seduced into letting these others do their ethical thinking for them, instead of holding on to the vital responsibility of thinking through ethical matters for themselves.

From the beginning of the Dark Ages up until the early 1500s, the Church of Rome was the arbiter of morality in the West; that was highly problematical, because it substituted the judgment of some priest for that of each individual. It’s one reason that the medieval era was so backward.

Individual responsibility to understand ethics and act accordingly is a cornerstone of Western Civilization, going all the way back to the Greeks. It’s what the play Antigone is all about. This is one reason that Islamic countries are basket cases—they’re at the same stage of philosophical evolution as the West was in the medieval era.

Anyway, the decline of religion in the West over the last century—a trend I applaud for many reasons, but won’t go into now—has left something of a moral vacuum. It’s been partially filled by secular religions like Marxism, but Marxism has been debunked everywhere but on college campuses… so the bioethicists are the latest fad trying to fill the space.

Individual responsibility, rather than diffuse responsibility among classes of people, is a major reason for the individual accomplishments and innovations that led the West to global eminence. Bioethicists are trying to set themselves up as a new priesthood. If they succeed, it would reverse an essential element of Western thought. Bioethicists are irksome because they’re a visible cutting edge of the knife destroying the foundations of Western Civilization, and yet they are given unearned respect and material prosperity.

Nick Giambruno: Can President Trump, or anyone, for that matter, reverse the decline of Western Civilization?

Doug Casey: Once an empire starts falling apart, trying to stop it is like trying to stop a tree from falling once its roots have rotted. It can’t be done, and it’s best not to be around when it happens.

The Cultural Marxists and other enemies of Western Civilization are in total control of the education system, so the next several generations of young people are corrupted. They control the media, so they control the prevailing intellectual climate. They control the NGOs, and the “think tanks” that infest DC and other major capitals. They control the Deep State.

So, no, Trump can’t reverse it. Among other reasons because he himself doesn’t have a philosophical or ethical core. He’s just a businessman; his object is just to make things more efficient. Like Mussolini, to make the trains run on time, as it were. He’s a good influence in that he hates the Cultural Marxists, and they hate him. But it’s not like he can offer a positive alternative for people to believe in.

Nick Giambruno: What’s the bottom line here?

Doug Casey: I always like to try to turn a lemon into lemonade. But it’s impossible if someone drops a 500-pound bomb on your kitchen, and follows it up with a poison gas attack. That said, I like to do what I can. Not because I expect success, but because it’s the right thing to do. And that is as important, from a personal viewpoint, as anything in the world.

Nick Giambruno: Thanks, Doug, until next time.

Doug Casey: Thanks, Nick.

*  *  *

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Based Stickman: Conservatives Should Marry and Have Lots of Kids – Crown City News

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman visited the Crown City Network studio recently and talked on-camera with Tami DeVine on the CCN Show Tami’s Take.  He surprised Tami with some breaking news, announcing that he was starting a new organization dedicated to creating “alpha males.”

“This Peter Pan stuff of men going into their late thirties, not having kids, not getting married, and not settling down, that’s gotta stop,” said Chapman. “We need to have a focus back on the family, settling down, getting married,having kids, having lots of kids and embracing those traditional American values again,” he continued.

“Ooh, you’re going to ruffle a lot of feathers with all this,” Tami responded.  Take a look at more of the interview:

Chapman became a new media celebrity known as the “Based Stickman” when he donned protective gear during a free speech event at the University of Berkeley and beat a member of the Antifa (for Anti-fascism) group, who he says were attacking women and the elderly, over the head with a closet rod.


Breaking: New Orleans and Baton Rouge Threat, Patriots Flock, Vow to Save Monuments

This week the Department of Justice declined to prosecute the officers involved in the Alton Sterling shooting, citing insufficient evidence of civil rights violations. It has yet to be determined if the state will seek charges.

Because of this decision Oathkeepers.org… believes there is a significant and credible threat of deadly violence and arson to the city of Baton Rouge, Law Enforcement officers, and their family. A source within Oathkeepers organization stated “So far it is relatively quiet in Baton Rouge, but we are concerned that things may not stay that way.”

The source continued, “Remember, it took just one determined, armed black nationalist radical last year to gun down three Baton Rouge area Law Enforcement officers.” Oathkeepers.org… also believes (as many others do) that the shooter may be the same or one of the same shooters that killed several Dallas area Law Enforcement officers just days earlier.

Additionally, just two hours away in New Orleans, Antifa has promised to provide “700 dirtbags with three surplus deuce and half trucks with cables and chains to pull the General Lee and Jackson monuments down.”

Patriot volunteers have either or are flocking to the area to save the monuments from being destroyed. Recently Louisiana legislatures passed a law that would protect the monuments and the bill is sitting on the governor’s desk, awaiting signature.

Outlaw Morgan said in a Facebook video post, “This is going to be massive. This is no joke. I don’t want anybody to think of this like an Antifa-Berkley thing because it’s not going to be that easy…this is all the makings for something to go real, real, real, wrong… So if you’re showing up, you need to go into this knowing exactly what you are going into and not thinking that you are going into an Antifa rally like Berkley.”

Outlaw Morgan said in a Facebook video post, “This is going to be massive. This is no joke. I don’t want anybody to think of this like an Antifa-Berkley thing because it’s not going to be that easy..this is all the makings for something to go real, real, real, wrong…So if you’re showing up, you need to go into this knowing exactly what you are going into and not thinking that you are going into…”

Morgan continue” Totally different element, totally, different, animal, totally different monster, totally different geographical situation. He also warned New Orleans is “open carry.”

A group on Twitter labeling themselves “MicroBots” tweeted about New Orleans, saying:

Oathkeepers.org… warned Patriots across the nation regarding the potential vulnerabilities within two of New Orleans largest populated cities, “Picture a riot situation.”  and said there had been no changes to threat assessments.

H/T [Intellihub]

League of the South Members Among Those Attending NOLA Counter-Protests This Weekend

League of the South Members Among Those Attending NOLA Counter-Protests This Weekend

Following the debut of their Southern Defense Force (SDF) last week at a rally organized by the Traditionalist Worker’s Party (TWP) last week in Pikeville, Kentucky, Michael Hill and League of the South (LOS) members will join a growing protest in New Orleans over the city’s removal of Confederate-themed statues

Last weekend a handful of League of the South (LOS) members participated in the Traditionalist Worker’s Party’s (TWP) Pikeville rally along with National Socialist Movement (NSM) “commander” Jeff Schoep and various other groups from the racist right. In after-action social media posts, LOS president Michael Hill described the event as “the first major operation for the League’s Southern Defense Force” (SDF).

Hill was photographed at the event with Ike Baker, who he named as the Kentucky SDF commander. Both were dressed in the League’s recently adopted public uniform: khaki cargo pants, black boots and a black polo with the “Southern Nationalist” Cushman Flag emblazoned across the chest. Hill, now in his 70s, used a cane. While there were photos of numerous individuals at the rally sporting AR-15s and shotguns, Hill and the other LOS SDF members do not appear to have been openly carrying firearms.

League of the South

League of the South Southern Defense Force members pose for an “after-action” photo-op.

In a post titled “League of the South in Pikeville, Kentucky” Hill acknowledged that the League and their compatriots were largely outnumbered by peaceful protesters, although his phrasing and depiction of the day’s events differ slightly:

All the while, the cowardly Antifa had every chance to cross the barricades with a huge numerical advantage and actually do to us what they stood there threatening to do – destroy us. There was no way the cops could have prevented a sizable number of them from reaching us and closing quarters.

Since the announcement of the SDF, Hill has become part of a growing chorus on the right attempting to erase any distinctions between the demonstrators, “violent Antifas,” and passersby at public protests.

This week, news reports have centered around the growing tension in New Orleans as city workers attempt to take down Confederate monuments amidst backlash from various neo-Confederate sympathizers.

The League, which has touted the removal of Civil War monuments in public squares as proof of an accelerating program of “white genocide,” has sought to capitalize on the removal of Confederate iconography. This comes after a public outcry arose over the prominence of the banner and other revisionist appeals to the Lost Cause narrative of the Civil War and its heroes. In the process the League reversed a PR policy that was intended to distance the group from the controversial icons.

Two of the most prominent voices opposing the removal are Arlene Barnum and Andrew Duncomb, two African American neo-Confederate activists from Oklahoma who claim descent from Confederate veterans. Although Hill and the League typically denigrate “black Confederates” and their “Rainbow Confederate” ilk, they have been silent on the pair’s role in the protests, instead focusing their ire on the Sons of Confederate Veterans over allegations that the Commander of the Louisiana Division SCV ordered members to “stand down” and not protest the monument’s removal.

While it is unlikely that the situation in New Orleans will see Hill and the League join forces with black neo-Confederates, the event appears to have helped Hill mend his relationship with Brad Griffin, who has in the past criticized Hill’s paramilitary ambitions on his blog Occidental Dissent.

Griffin was present in Pikeville, although dressed in plain-clothes. This week Griffin, writing on “The Meaning of Pikeville” under the pen-name Hunter Wallace, stated “Now, I firmly believe that a Southern Defense Force is justified.” Hill shared that blog on the League of the South website.

Today, Griffin posted “The Battle of New Orleans,” stating “Nationalist groups are coming to New Orleans on May 7 and announcing his intent to counter-protest a demonstration at Lee Circle along with “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman, Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet AKA, the “Proud Boys,” and a host of others from the far right and “alt-right”.

This week, Hill and numerous others have taken to social media, asserting that the New Orleans Police Department is complicit in a conspiracy to aid and abet “Antifas” on orders from City Hall, as taken from this “directive” exhorting his followers to make their way to New Orleans:

LS Directive 02052017

A call to action

The League of the South encourages its members who are willing and able to be in New Orleans this weekend to show support for the Confederate monuments that the city has pledged to remove.

Below is some vital information regarding this developing situation:

The NOPD “stand down” order that we were told would be in force from now though the weekend is unlikely to be carried out. Our man on the ground says that the NOPD is actually there to protect Antifa and to see that the monument supporters have a hard time. Thus, you may face legal trouble for even trying to defend yourself from the opposition. Be aware of this.

3) That said, we encourage a League presence on Sunday at Lee Circle. We believe at this time that will be the main location for activity this weekend. Our folks who are interested in going to show support for keeping the monuments are advised to act as good and responsible representatives of the LS and to take orders from none but our own. At present, our N2, Tiny Malone, will be in charge of the LS contingent. Please give him your support and cooperation.

Our objective is to have an orderly presence and show support for our Southern inheritance. THIS WILL NOT BE A SOUTHERN DEFENSE FORCE EVENT. Rather, we will use standard LS demonstration protocol. Women and children are welcome. Standard LS demonstration dress and behavior will apply, as will flags, banners, and signs. We especially want LS SN black cross flags there!

Louisiana is an open carry State and is very friendly to concealed carry. If you intend to do either, please consult State and local law beforehand.

If you or anyone you know from The LS is going to NOLA, please let Tiny Malone (N2) know ASAP.

I will update this information once I hear from our man on the ground in NOLA. He is trying to work out logistics for our people who attend, including a staging point upon arrival.

Michael Hill

It is unclear why Hill is deciding against naming this a “Southern Defense Force event,” given that the situation in New Orleans appears to fit the exact description of why he first announced the formation of the SDF. Recent events in Auburn, Alabama, close to the League’s headquarters also apparently failed to merit the distinction of “SDF event.”

Although one LOS member was arrested for brawling outside of Auburn University’s Foy Hall, the SDF were nowhere to be seen. The next weekend, Hill was able to travel hundreds of miles to Kentucky for Matt Heimbach’s rally.

In spite of Hill’s confidence that the SDF would “ …be ready to assist our local and State authorities in keeping the peace should they find it necessary to “deputize” private citizens for that purpose,” coordination between Kentucky law enforcement kept the LOS, TWP and National Socialist Movement (NSM) members separated from counter-demonstrators behind metal barriers, with no violent outbursts.

While Pikeville, a secluded, mostly-white town with no major cities nearby, was a fitting dry-run for Hill’s SDF, Hill recognizes that his members lack the coordination, resolve or discipline to function effectively in more diverse, cosmopolitan settings or to steer clear of criminal violence when push comes to shove. Whether they are operating under the SDF banner or not, the coming “Battle of New Orleans” will test restraint on both sides of the debate.


by Hatewatch Staff

Death threats, graffiti and assault allegations abound as New Orleans begins … – Salon

New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu’s effort to remove several Confederate-related monuments is hardly proving to be a Big Easy.The first statue, which honored an 1874 white supremacist rebellion against federal authority after the Civil War, was removed in the middle of the night by masked contractors wearing bulletproof vests in late April. None of the other three have been relocated yet.Landrieu has said he plans to place the statues in a museum at a future date but has not given details on their ultimate destination.

The removal effort has provoked a massive amount of controversy within far right circles. Several Republican politicians have condemned the undertaking, one even accused Landrieu and other supporters of removing Confederate symbols of conducting a “war on our history.”

In an interview with the local Times-Picayune newspaper on April 27, the Democratic mayor said that city officials have received numerous death threats and that every company offering heavy crane rentals in southern Louisiana has received threatening messages as well.

“It’s not the monuments. It’s the attitude that allows the monuments to stay,” Landrieu was quoted as saying.

According to Landrieu, several prominent local business leaders have privately pressured him to halt his efforts. He’s also come under fire from a number of Republicans in the state legislature who have been promoting several different bills designed to keep the Confederate monuments in place.

Thomas Carmody Jr., a Shreveport Republican member of the state house, introduced a bill which would make all municipal efforts to remove, rename, or alter any military monument subject to a vote of the local citizens. It successfully passed through a committee vote on Wednesday, according to the The Advocate newspaper.

The monument removal initiative has also attracted the attention of web-based political extremists on both left and right, particularly as the city is in the midst of one of its top tourist events, the annual Jazz Fest music extravaganza.

Pro-monument protesters have repeatedly gathered at a statue honoring Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederacy, and have clashed with those supporting the relocation effort. Several members of an “antifa” leftist organization have been filmed by observers in a military truck bearing a sign saying “Fuck Off Nazi Scum!”

Supporters of the statue have also been rallying at the state capitol in Baton Rouge and have accused their opponents of throwing filled soda cans at them.

Antifa activists have also been accused of spraying graffiti on another of the statues and also painting “tear it down” on a monument to Joan of Arc, a figure from French history who had no connection to the Confederacy.

The controversy has also gotten the attention of the racist “alt-right” movement as part of a larger strategy to utilize violent confrontations with antifa demonstrators to radicalize white Republicans.

Kyle Chapman, a far-right Trump supporter who acquired the nickname “Based Stick Man” after an altercation with antifa activists in California earlier this year, has issued a call on Twitter for his fans to join him at a rally in New Orleans on May 7 to “defend American history.” Numerous other alt-right blogs and Twitter users have been promoting the event to their followers as well.

A writer, web developer, and former tv producer, Matthew Sheffield covers politics, media, and technology for Salon. You can email him via m.sheffield@salon.com…… or follow him on Twitter.


Give me LIBERTY, or give me death. New Orleans, we are coming! -Ace

Our message to the detractors is simple…… Give me LIBERTY, or give me death. New Orleans, we are coming! -Ace

Posted by American Warrior Revolution on Friday, May 5, 2017